Your deaf kids and the dinner table

This is a post for hearing parents of deaf children, who have not learned to sign. I write this knowing that you love your children and that you try very hard to make the best decisions you can for your children. This is not a post to bash you for your choices, but to... read more

The writer in the current

The writer sits on his green couch, keyboard poised on the soft pillow resting on his lap. The blank screen intimidates him and will not back down from his insistent stare. He wonders what will come forth, if anything will come forth, for doubts have multiplied of... read more

Plugged in and disengaged

I should write this post on a typewriter. I’d even be satisfied with the word processor I had back in high school, an awe-inspiring machine which had this tiny screen that showed two or three lines of text that you could EDIT. I mean right there on that minuscule... read more

When our words and acts are full of love, we win

Hate is a poison as much for ourselves as it is for those we would use it against like a weapon of words or actions. It is a poisonous and treacherous waste of our own effort. It lacks the capacity for positive change that a nonviolent approach has. Minds are not... read more

Hearing educators of the deaf, listen to us

Author’s note: Despite the title, I am fully aware that we have many hearing educators that are allies of the Deaf Community that understand us and support us in ways that honor the message I am trying to share below. I apologize if the title is off-putting for... read more

Come on, invent these for the deaf

I know you woke up this morning and thought, “What can I invent today that’s going to make the lives of deaf people simply amazing?” Well, have I got some ideas for you! (and psssst … I want 10% of the profits. Thanks.) HOLOGRAPHIC... read more

I laughed at my thinning hair

I’m serious. I looked in the mirror and I saw, for the thousandth time, the stealthy retreat of my hairline and the patch of thinning hair that spoke this message to me: You are getting older, J. For years, I noticed the gradual change in my hairline with a bit... read more

Every faith should be accessible for the deaf

I had a dream once, an actual dream, where I died and went to Heaven and they made me hearing again. I was angry in this dream and demanded my deafness back, because it was a part of who I am. Not the entirety of my Self, but a part that may be more integral than... read more

Story Stew #1: Light and Unseen Shadows

Author’s note: On my Facebook page, I asked readers to give me various elements of a story that they wanted me to include in what I call a Story Stew. I’d take their ingredients and mix them together, adding in my own elements to create a short story.... read more

I don’t need to hear to drive my car

1991. At 16 years old, I finally got my Driver License. I say “finally” because I had spent most of my 15th year daily polishing my 1971 Volkswagen Beetle with Turtle Wax. Daily is not an exaggeration: that car SHONE like a white hot sun. I bought the Bug,... read more

We want captions, yes we do

Try this for me. Turn off your sound. Then, for the next few minutes, perhaps 5, I would like you to actually do the following rather than imagine it: go to YouTube and watch a video or two without sound. Choose at least one that has auto-generated captions. Go on,... read more

When you learn to sign, you fight loneliness

This is not a post for the deaf community. This is not a post for parents of the deaf, or interpreters, or anyone already involved with us, though you may agree with I have to say here and it may apply to you. This is really a post for (just about) every hearing... read more