Choco Brocco: A review with dismay

Whoever had the gall to conjure up this vile creation that dares call itself a cookie should immediately request an exorcism from the nearest priest. Any will do. I picked up a package of these dubiously-named Choco Brocco cookies thinking it sounded like the most... read more

I was indulgent and I paid the price

I overdid it yesterday with pizza and I had soda for the first time in 9 weeks. It just about demolished my sleep. It’s as if my sleep was  a gentle feather that should have lightly rested upon the bed, but NO! Along comes a hammer and smashes that poor little... read more

The silent hum

Have I shared this before? I don’t know. Though I’m profoundly deaf, the world is anything but silent to me. It used to be, once upon a time, but those days are long gone. Anything I see that I know makes a sound, my mind creates that sound for me. Whether... read more

Reframing Thoughts

I am reminded constantly of how it’s my thoughts that need changing as much as anything else, if not more. As I seek to find some kind of balance in what I’m doing for my health, I need to remember to change my way of thinking away from fear-based... read more

Week 9: Reset

All aglow… A photo posted by J Parrish Lewis (@jparrishlewis) on Sep 7, 2015 at 8:11pm PDT Decided yesterday I wasn’t going to worry at all about anything on Sundays. Sundays are now my default vent days as far as my food choices go. This was convenient... read more

The Trollskin Book – Chapter Six

Chapter Six “This is the place,” said Sasja. Her grey hair hid inside the cavernous hood of the thick fur-lined coat hugging her body. “Someone’s been here, alright,” said Aidan, scrunching his nose. He rubbed his hands together to fight the cold, then cupped his... read more

The Goblin Road – Chapter Six

Chapter Six            The Troll’s Question A dark figure followed the travelers, unseen and unheard, keeping close to the ground. It scurried along the moonlit Goblin Road, pausing within the shadows of oaks and boulders strewn across the land, absorbed in the act of... read more

The Goblin Road – Chapter Five

Chapter Five                The Inheritance Ruarc and Moss left the hollow behind, retracing their route to the Goblin Road. The bustling sounds of busy brùnaidhs filled the air and the swift pace of living seemed unusual in these woods. The banging of pots and pans,... read more

The Trollskin Book – Chapter Five

Chapter Five The Reluctant Farewell “Disturbing story, lad,” said Moss, “If I were still alive, my knees might have quaked.” Moss walked on air, now nearly invisible, back and forth inside the warm Hollow. Lichen’s wet eyes and downcast face caught Ruarc’s eyes.... read more

The Trollskin Book – Chapter Four

Chapter Four                The Last Visit When Ruarc returned to the chamber, Aidan was studying a stone on the floor that, aside from being loose, was otherwise nondescript. Ruarc strode to Aidan, grasped his brother’s shoulders and peered up into his eyes. Despite... read more

The Goblin Road – Chapter Four

Chapter Four                  The Hollow Moss greeted the morning by hopping up from the ground and scratching behind his ears, quite satisfied and rested. He prodded Ruarc in the shoulder to wake him up, until the boy opened his eyes, and chuckled at the half-hearted... read more

The Trollskin Book – Chapter Three

Chapter Three          The Unexpected Advance The young boy lightly pressed his index finger against the cool page, tracing a line below the words. What, should I hurt her, strike her, kill her dead? Although I hate her, I’ll not harm her so, he read. He sighed,... read more

The Trollskin Book – Chapter Two

9 YEARS LATER … Chapter Two          The Mirror The ice-chilled wind burned against his cheeks as he trudged across the tightly packed snow, the winter conspiring against him. He had considered, and quickly rejected, waiting for the more forgiving spring. Enough time... read more

The Trollskin Book – Chapter One

Chapter One          The Return The old man studied the glowing entrance to the cavern above, an orange slack-jawed mouth in the precipitous face of the small mountain. The subtle flickering inside the cave cast itself upon the walls, revealing the waiting warmth.... read more