Step Onto The Goblin Road

Your Library is missing a book.

We have it on good authority that mischievous and deadly pixies have infiltrated your book collection. They’re in the dusty collection of books in your home. They’re magically hiding inside your e-book readers. After all, this is very pixie-like behavior. The pixies don’t want you reading The Goblin Road. They prefer anonymity, allowing them to continue to scavenge and wreak havoc like they always have, picking over whatever the Stone Fauns have left behind. They have been waiting for a ridiculous amount of time, lying in wait for the day that you read The Goblin Road.

You cannot afford to let the pixies win. Their magic can be overcome by your sheer strength and desire for entertainment. They also really cannot understand that spark of inspiration that resides in every reader. Their entertainment is malicious mischief and wanton destruction. You can baffle these little creatures.

Don’t let a tiny thing like a pixie stand in your way. Your interest in this book, The Goblin Road, subdues their magic just long enough to be able to read in peace, preferably in a warm and cozy chair, with a cup of hot cocoa by your side (or iced tea, if it’s a warm summer night).

The Goblin Road is available for immediate purchase HERE. Your devoted author is seeking a permanent publishing home, preferably faun-free, for this first novel. Agents may contact the author at JPL (at) if interested.

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