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Snapshot: Children Meditating

The other day, I decided I wanted to get all three of my children started with a regular meditation practice. They’ve all had the opportunity to try it, but haven’t done so regularly. My motivation is primarily to give them a practice they can turn to when they need to deal with the stresses of…

Creative Juice

Writing distracts a writer from writing

I’ve been neck-deep in my writing projects lately, and I kept finding that writing other things distracts me from writing what I enjoy writing the most. Whew, what a mouthful of typewritten words. I have to admit that, although I frankly did enjoy writing it, I was happy to complete the short story Secret Signs.…

Creative Juice Deaf-Centered Topics

Secret Signs: Part 4 (Conclusion)

By J. Parrish Lewis Part 1     Part 2     Part 3  Part 4 For nearly a week, Alice’s intended consequence for her mother, a perpetual cold shoulder, crumbled slowly until she gave in to her reality. No words, no apologies or favors, would get Alice what she wanted. She knew this because…


Thoughts on a Saturday morning

You know, I got up this morning with a plan to write a post about something. Nothing specific, I just figured I was due to write a post, which meant coming up with a topic of something I WANTED to write about. Nothing comes to mind. I’d rather work on my fiction, which means working…

Deaf-Centered Topics

When I was the isolated deaf kid

When I was in High School, I spent the majority of my time alone, feeling invisible. At lunchtime most days, I’d get a couple packets of Nutty Bars and go to my little space in the Art classrooms, purposefully isolating myself rather than feel invisible in the cafeteria. For the first two years, I at…


The good things about you

I’m the kind of person that puts too much thought into trying to be a better version of who I am. I was thinking about this last night, while driving to the store, because driving’s an excellent time for pondering life’s mysteries, including the mystery of why people so hard on themselves. Why am I?…

Funny Ha-Ha

Your laughs are music to my eyes

The other night I was talking with my daughter, Ladybug, and she laughed at something I said. I forget what, I say lots of silly things and once in a while I get a genuine laugh instead of the groan that follows a Dad Joke (which, by the way, I’ve developed an appreciation for, because…

Creative Juice Lamplight

Self-doubt banshees and paralyzed monkeys

I have lost track of the number of times I have opened up the computer to write and let myself be paralyzed by the blank screen, or opened up my sketchbook and let myself be paralyzed by the blank page. When I started this website, it was going to be whatever I wanted it to…


Secret Signs: Part Three

PART ONE: In which Alice learns about a new Deaf Student PART TWO: In which Alice meets Wren, a Deaf Boy who teaches her some ASL Secret Signs: Part 3 By J. Parrish Lewis By the end of the week, she knew how to make the alphabet with her hands, just like Wren could. She…