Would you believe…

This weekend I printed the entire book for the first time, in its complete and final form? Over a year after it came out in self-published books? Yeah, I’m odd like that.

When you self-publish, you can do it all electronically. Plus, I’m stingy regarding ink and paper.

However, after a year of The Goblin Road being self-published, it’s crystal clear that my skills do not include marketing this book. I need to let the experts handle this. So I’ve printed a copy and will soon xerox it all a few times, then send it out to agents and publishers directly, hoping for a nibble.

I don’t want this book growing dusty on the shelves and dusty in my laptop. It needs to be in the bookstores, getting plucked out, conveniently located right next to C.S. Lewis’s collection of books. I have some catching up to do with the man who is not my cousin.