For a time, I began to feel that the half-written sequel would stay a half-written sequel, getting dusty in my computer until old age, or until the file format is no longer one that any computer can read.

Recently I’ve recommitted myself to this effort, because I do care about this story and I do care about the characters. It’s a story that’s worth telling, and I hope when the day comes that it’s complete, that you will enjoy reading it.

I’ve made considerable progress recently, and I actually had about 30 minutes of panicking the other morning because I lost my flash drive that I had been saving the recent work on, and I didn’t have a backup. I kept telling myself, “I’ll just write it even better” over and over like a mantra while looked all over my house and car, worrying. Happily it was found, next to a stray sock under my bed, a little bit of technology holding hours and hours of work.

I, of course, immediately went and backed it up.

I WILL just write it even better, but I’d rather not write it from scratch if it’s not needed.