I can’t expect peace to find me, I have to look for it.
I can’t expect inspiration to tackle me, I have to tackle it.
I can’t sense what is beautiful about the world if I don’t use what senses I have to notice it.
I can’t expect the best from others, because we aren’t always at our best.

I spend too much time judging, either the actions of others or my own actions. I fail to measure up to my own expectations, or I feel that others fail to measure up. It’s an exercise in futility, an act lacking in compassion, a neverending journey on a hamster wheel.

I deny myself the title of writer because I don’t write what I think is enough, and I also put too much stock in such a title. What does it really mean? I am already me. I may be flawed, but I have already succeeded in being me. I may want to change, to improve, to grow in knowledge and ability and yes, in spirit, but I am already me. I can be me during the whole journey. The hamster wheel is unnecessary and gets me nowhere. The path ahead may be full of challenges, obstacles I must face, but I have no need to focus on those distant bends when I should be focusing on right now, this one step before me.

Try not to look behind too often. The past will want to glue you to the spot.