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Strange things are afoot at the local gym

I joined the gym recently and noticed a few things that had me puzzled: There has been this pickup truck in front of the gym with this guy sitting in there and hanging out with his dog, looking like he’s cleaning the car. This wouldn’t be so weird, except that I’ve gone 3 times in…

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A game for the week, but it ain’t a hunger one

I decided to expand on my goals this week. I’m still only going week by week, so next week may be completely different. So don’t beat me up when it’s likely going to be different next week! To stay positive, I was thinking this week I’m going to give myself the opportunity to earn points…

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Reframing Thoughts

I am reminded constantly of how it’s my thoughts that need changing as much as anything else, if not more. As I seek to find some kind of balance in what I’m doing for my health, I need to remember to change my way of thinking away from fear-based thoughts. Today I think about the…

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A Nourished Body: Weeks 1 to 8

I spent the last 8 weeks, give a day or two, rebooting my food choices by going crazy strict about everything. I gave up sugar. I gave up flour. I gave up dairy. I started to reduce oil, but ended up having more. I went nuts with boredom. I started feeling overwhelmed with what felt…

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The anchor’s a weight

Weight, excess weight, is like an albatross in my life, weighing me down and trapping me in the middle of an unsympathetic ocean. It is an anchor, and not an attractive one. If I sound glum about it, it’s because I am. Thankfully, I am generally not the kind of person that lets the suckiness…